Why Get The STV Certificate?



Maybe you’re bilingual in English and Spanish, and can translate between one language and another with some skill. You may have done some freelance translation work already on Fiverr or Elance. But you find that potential employers want to see some kind of credential or certification that confirms that you can translate between English and Spanish at a minimally professional level.

Legally (in the United States, at least), you don’t need to be a certified translator to get or do translation work. But having some sort of certificate sure would help.

So what do you do?

You can try to obtain the ATA Certification, but the exam has a pass rate of less than 20%…and it costs hundreds of dollars to join ATA (you have to be a member before you can take their test) and register for the exam. Plus, you may have to travel to some far away city to take the test, just so you can be one of the approximately 80% who fail.

Or, you can go through some arduous university translation program, which would also cost hundreds (or thousands) and take months of your valuable time to complete. Or you can pay a private translator certification “institute” hundreds of dollars to take a test and get a certificate.


You can take the STV Exam. Look…you already know how to translate. You just need that credential to show people…something that confirms that a neutral third party has verified your translation skills in Spanish <-> English. You don’t have to kill yourself reading numerous books or spend hundreds of dollars on exams.

For a low fee, you can take our expertly designed STV Certificate Exam, completely online and in the comfort of your home, for a very reasonable price. For less than a hundred dollars, you can show proof that you can skillfully translate business or other non-specialty documents between English and Spanish.



However, make no mistake. This is not a certificate mill. You really do have to be proficient in both languages and know how to properly translate in writing between English and Spanish in order to pass our test. Our exam is not unreasonably difficult for a fully bilingual person…if you are already fluent in English and Spanish and have good writing skills, you can pass it and become a certified translator. We test what you already know how to do. There is no large book to study or classes to attend!

You pay for the test, we schedule a date for you to take the test at home (or wherever you want) and send you a free exam study guide. If you pass, you can have a copy of your certificate to print for free at home within two weeks, or you can have an elegant printed certificate mailed to you for a low fee. Your certificate would be valid for three years, at the end of which it can be renewed for a small fee. We would keep your information in our database and would verify you as a valid certificate holder. It’s that easy.


For more information, read About The STV Certificate Exam.