Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get the certificate?

Once you take the STV Exam, it usually takes 2-5 business days for your test to be graded. Once it is graded and you receive your score report via email, you will normally receive your certificate about 3-5 business days after that. So, in most cases, you can have a .pdf copy of your STV Certificate emailed to you about a week to two weeks after you complete your exam. If you are ordering a physical copy of the certificate as well, please add another 1-2 weeks to that time frame (4-6 weeks if outside the USA).


Where are you based?

STV is based in Fort Worth, Texas


Can I call you?

We provide support through email at info@spanishtranslatorcertification.com


Who grades the STV Exam?

A select team of experienced language experts grade our tests following a set rubric based on common English and Spanish language usage and translation standards.


Is the STV certificate legally recognized?

There is no official certifying body in the United States that regulates translators or translator certificators. The main purpose of the STV Certificate is to verify your written translation skills to potential employers. While STV is not affiliated with any government, educational institution or translators’ association, the STV Certificate can serve as proof that a neutral third party has tested your translation ability, and that as a translator, you can do what you say you have the ability to do. STV is not affiliated with any government, educational institution or translators’ association.

Regulations vary in countries outside of the US. If you live and/or work outside of the US, check with the government in question to confirm what their requirements are in order to be considered a certified translator. It is at the discretion of an employer, government agency, institution or individual whether or not they are willing to accept the STV certificate as a valid translation credential.


Do you offer certifications for language pairs other than English-Spanish?

We only offer certification in the English/Spanish language pair at this time.


Does STV offer any lessons or classes on becoming a translator?

Other than our STV Exam Study Guide, we offer no lessons or other study materials, as we mainly aim to confirm your existing written translation skills. STV is not an educational institution.


Can I get a printed/physical copy of my STV Certificate?

You can order a printed copy to be mailed to you through the “Sign Up For The Test” page on our website, after you have passed the exam. Please add the item “Physical STV Certificate” to your Cart. If outside the USA, please add the item “Physical STV Certificate (Non-US, International Shipping)”.  Please allow up to 1-3 weeks to receive your mailed certificate if ordering in the US, and up to 5-6 weeks if ordering from overseas.


Are you certified by the ATA?

Spanish Translator Verification is not certified by or associated in any way with the American Translators Association or any other certifying body.


Can I pay for the exam in Bitcoin?

STV does not currently accept payment in Bitcoin or any other crypto-currencies. We accept payments through PayPal or by Mastercard/Visa credit cards on our website.